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All our desserts are made here at Harry’s. Enjoy!

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Flan $7.00 each
A velvety baked custard with caramel sauce - a simple dessert to die for!

Key Lime Pie $7.00 each
Light and uplifting with bright lime flavor and a graham cracker crumb crust

Carrot Cake $6.00 each
Don't miss this one! This superb recipe sets the bar for moist delicious carrot cake!

Chocolate Mousse $8.00 each
Comfort in chocolate with the lightest, creamy texture

Extremely Chocolate (big) Brownie $4.00 each
Dense, fudgy with walnuts

Brownie Sundae $9.00 each
HUGE! Good for two!

Vermont Made by Island Ice Cream $5.50 each
Rich and Delicious! Vanilla, Chocolate or Coffee!

Raspberry Sorbet $6.00 each
Summer flavor in the winter. Yum! Island Ice Cream makes this refreshing summery sorbet served with our homemade Fresh Raspberry Sauce!

Homemade Hot Fudge Sundae $7.00 each