Harry's Café of Ludlow VT
About Harry's Café and Restaurant of Ludlow, Vermont

Located in Ludlow, Vermont. At the Foot of Jackson Gore Access at Okemo Mountain

If you were going to start a restaurant, perhaps two of your main tenets might not read as mine did when I first saw a shuttered little Country Restaurant for sale on the forgotten side of Okemo Mountain Ski Area in Mount Holly, Vermont. The year was 1988.

The appeal was immediate and I was immediately put to mind of Tom Waits song called Putnam County:

"I guess things were always kind of quiet around Putnam (read Rutland) County. Kind of shy and sleepy" with the little joint clinging "to the skirts of a two-lane that was stretched out like an asphalt dance floor" lit by a single buzzing neon sign."

I was hooked. Somehow this humble out of the way place had my name written all over it, (Actually my father's name, Harry). So in the tradition of an English major, I glossed over the notion of "Location, Location, Location," and defaulted to a more romantic notion as described in the movie, Field of Dreams:

"If you build it, they will come."
Armed with a passion for cooking and a deep belief in the value of the dinner hour shared amongst family and friends, we opened on October 5th, 1989 (with the paint still drying).

Twenty three years later, Harry's Café has been transformed beyond just the dream of a red headed Chef. Now, Harry's is a dinner destination for couples, families, locals, boarders, skiers, seniors, prom dates, first dates, hungry people and even the staff on their nights off!

The casual atmosphere, friendly people, and the food come together to make a meal something to remember and return to. It's funny, how over the years, our customers have given to Harry's something much more than just their business. We have pictures of our customers under our glass topped tables. Originally, shots we took of their visits to Harry's Café. Now supplemented by their own updated family shots stealthily volunteered under the glass at their most recent dinner. All of our menu covers form a rolling twenty three year art exhibit drawn by our crayoned youngsters as they await their meal. Music and artwork have come our way from customers who "just knew" this would be a fitting addition to Harry's. Enthusiasm creates a special energy. The whole is greater than the sum of the parts.

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Harry’s, 68 Route 100 North, Ludlow, VT 05149, 802-228-2996, eat@harryscafe.com

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