- Harry's Cafe is Farm to Mouth Dining at its Best -

Our passion for cooking and hosting the dinner party nightly at “Harry’s” carries over to our zest for growing organic, homegrown produce. We are blessed with 12 acres, 3 of which we have under cultivation.

Back in 1990, I started planting apple trees, blueberries and raspberries. My field of dreams was a cigar box (full of ones!) on the porch and a pick your own garden of Eden. Now with many years to learn, replant, fight the critters and bugs we have a mature blueberry plantation (Three Hundred) and over 20 bearing fruit trees.

Deb and I are farmers by day and restaurateurs by night. We love it.  We call it farm to mouth. And we are thrilled to pick and prepare our dishes with the daily harvests of herbs, vegetables and fruit from our farm.